Another OnePlus Nord 2 Explodes, Owner Suffers Severe Burn Injuries – What OnePlus Says

Several OnePlus Nord 2 smartphones have allegedly exploded in the past few months. It started with a OnePlus Nord 2 5G exploding in a user’s sling bag back in August, then a Delhi-based lawyer’s smartphone exploding in his pocket, and now, another person has reported a OnePlus Nord 2 5G exploding in its owner’s pocket. This time, the explosion led to severe burn injuries on the user’s right thigh. The user on Twitter posted images of the burnt smartphone, along with an image of the smartphone owner’s injury.

Twitter user Suhit Sharma posted images that show a OnePlus Nord 2 completely burnt and melted from the left side, along with images of the owner’s burnt-up denims and the horrific injust on his thigh. “@OnePlusIN never expected this from you. #OnePlusNord2Blast see what your product have done. Please be prepared of consequences. Stop playing with people’s life. Because of you that boy is suffering contact ASAP,” Sharma said in his tweet. OnePlus, which has been accused of taking these matters lightly in the past, has launched a statement in a familiar tone. The company said that it takes such incidents seriously and the team has already reached out to the user and is in process of collecting details to investigate further.

TRIGGER WARNING: Burn injuries

@OnePlus_IN Never expected this from you #OnePlusNord2Blast see what your product have done. Please be prepared for the consequences. Stop playing with peoples life. Because of you that boy is suffering contact asap.— Suhit Sharma (@suhitrulz) November 3, 2021

Twitter user Suhit Sharma, however, in a comment on his own tweet four hours later, again urged OnePlus to send someone to see the affected user in the hospital.

OnePlus has earlier been blamed for being rather insensitive in the past incidents of the OnePlus Nord 2 5G blowing up. A Delhi-based lawyer, whose OnePlus Nord 2 5G exploded in his pocket said that the company’s executives who went to see him did not seem much concerned about the issue and were rather insensitive. The lawyer also alleged that the team that had come to visit him may have tampered with the evidence. Back then, OnePlus said that the user did not cooperate with the investigation, and later sent a legal notice to the Delhi-based lawyer asking him to take down his posts from Twitter.

In the other incident, where a OnePlus Nord 2 5G exploded in a user’s sling bag, OnePlus said it happened due to “external factors” and not a defect in the smartphone.

Separately, in September itself, a Kerala-based software engineer’s OnePlus Nord 2 5G charger exploded while it was inside the wall socket. This, OnePlus said happened due to inconsistent power supply.