Pogo stick daredevil jumps over five consecutive cars for world record

A Florida daredevil broke a Guinness World Record by using his pogo stick to jump over five consecutive cars in London.

Tyler Phillips, a member of the U.S. XPOGO Team who uses the name Pogotyler on TikTok, took on the record for Guinness World Records Day when his teammate, previous record-holder Dalton Smith, broke his ankle two weeks before his planned attempt for 2021.

Smith set the record at four cars in 2019, so Phillips’ attempt featured five black London cabs at Olympic Park in London.

“To practice, I set up pogo sticks figuring out the width of a car. I’d have multiple. It felt so weird and that had me a little nervous, but as soon as I got here and I was doing the cars, it just felt easier. Training for this record was way harder than actually doing it,” Phillips told Guinness World Records after successfully vaulting over the five vehicles.

Phillips said he is now setting his sights on more pogo stick records — including breaking the one he now holds.

“I would love to try this again but with more cars,” he said.